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Student Record Updates

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Name Changes

Official changes to the first, middle, and/or last name will require submission of a name change request and at least two forms of supporting documentation indicating the new legal name (two primary identifications or one primary + one secondary).

Primary Identification (Photo ID) Secondary Identification
State Issued ID Card Birth Certificate
Driver's License Marriage Certificate
Passport Divorce Decree
Military ID Court Order
Certificate of Naturalization Social Security Card

This documentation and name change request form may be emailed to Julie Hardy at or dropped off at The Harrison, Suite 1300 for processing.

Download Name Change Request Form

  1. Students will log into their account
  2. Click on the Academic Records tile
  3. Scroll down to Change Expected Grad Term
  4. Choose the correct Expected Grad Term from the drop-down
  5. Confirm your submission

If a social security number needs to entered or corrected, a copy of the social security card may be emailed to or brought by The Harrison, Suite 1300 3101 Bellaire Drive North, Fort Worth, TX 76109.

A driver's license is needed in order to update a date of birth. Copies may be emailed to or brought into our office, The Harrison, 1300.

Students may email with their student ID to update their gender.

Students may log into their account and click on the Profile tile to update their address.