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Order transcripts, apply for re-enrollment and access more former student resources.

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Official transcripts can be ordered through MyTCU or

You might need to reset your password to log back into MyTCU. After you log in, click on the Academic Records tile, then choose Order Official Transcript on the left-hand side.

Enrollment Verification

TCU alumni and former students can access the Clearinghouse for enrollment verifications through MyTCU. Go to the Academic Records tile, then click Request Enrollment Verification. A certification is created that can be printed and distributed as needed.

ID Request

Alumni and former students who need their TCU ID number may fill out the following request form. Please note: Students who attended TCU before summer 1984 will not have a TCU ID number.

Request ID Form

Name Changes

Official changes to the first, middle, and/or last name will require submission of a name change request and at least two forms of supporting documentation indicating the new legal name (two primary identifications or one primary + one secondary).

Primary Identification (Photo ID) Secondary Identification
State Issued ID Card Birth Certificate
Driver's License Marriage Certificate
Passport Divorce Decree
Military ID Court Order
Certificate of Naturalization Social Security Card

This documentation and name change request form may be emailed to Abbey Peeples at or dropped off at The Harrison, Suite 1300 for processing.

Download Name Change Request Form

Social Security Number Updates/Corrections

If a social security number needs to entered or corrected, a copy of the social security card may be emailed to or brought by The Harrison, Suite 1300 3101 Bellaire Drive North, Fort Worth, TX 76109.

Date of Birth Corrections

A driver's license is needed in order to update a date of birth. Copies may be emailed to or brought into our office, The Harrison, 1300.

Gender Changes

Students may email with their student ID to update their gender.

Address Updates

Alumni and former students may log into their account and click on the Profile tile to update their address, or reach out to our office at

Duplicate Diplomas

A duplicate diploma is $50 and is available to order online. Please note: It can take several weeks to obtain a diploma from the printer.

Order Diploma


Students wishing to re-enroll at TCU after a period of non-attendance for other than a summer session must apply for re-enrollment in the Registrar’s Office. Applications for re-enrollment should be submitted at least four to six weeks prior to the semester in which you intend to return to TCU. The re-enrollment admission decision will be based upon a review of your entire academic and disciplinary record. Approval to return is required by the associate dean of your major and Campus Life. If you are changing majors, approval is needed from the associate dean of your former major, as well as the associate dean of your prospective new major. Once approved, you will be able to register in the next available registration period.

We will require the following items to complete the re-enrollment application process:

Send official transcripts and re-enrollment applications to the Registrar’s Office:

TCU Registrar’s Office
PO BOX 297004
Fort Worth, TX 76129

You may also scan and email your application to Any official transcripts must be emailed directly from the sending institution.

We also accept applications and transcripts in a signed, sealed envelope in person. Please bring all documents to the Registrar’s Office.

Re-enrollment Questions?

Contact the Registrar’s Office at 817-257-7237 or

Graduate students seeking re-enrollment whose last attendance was prior to fall 2000 should report to the appropriate office for their degree to obtain a new permit to register.

Degree Office
Non-degree, Visiting Dean of the appropriate school/college
MAc (Master of Accounting)
Neeley School of Business
MAc Graduate Program
MLA (Master of Liberal Arts)
AddRan College of Liberal Arts
MLA Graduate Admission
MBA (Master of Business Administration)
Neeley School of Business
MBA Graduate Programs
AddRan College of Liberal Arts Graduate Programs
Bob Schieffer College of Communication Graduate Programs
College of Education Graduate Programs
College of Fine Arts Graduate Degrees
College of Science & Engineering Graduate Programs

Re-enrolled Students Housing