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Change of Major Requests

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Students may request to change their major using the following steps.

Incoming students will need to submit a change of major request through their admissions portal.

Step 1:

Log into MY.TCU.EDU and click on the Academic Records tile.

Step 2:

On the left hand side of the page, scroll down to Request Change of Major. When the change of major page appears, it will look like this:

Change of Major

Step 3:

Enter a description of the change(s) requested in the Student Comments box (Required).

Step 4:

Students will need to click the drop-down menu to access the Action Box, and click Change next to the section they are requesting to change (First Major, Second Major, First Minor etc).

Step 5:

Use the magnifying glass to choose the department of your requested change, followed by the major, minor or track you are requesting to change to.

Step 6:

Repeat these steps if you need to request multiple changes.

Step 7:

Click the Submit Changes button at the top.

Step 8:

You will get an email from the academic dean's office when a decision has been made.